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Partnership with Financial Professionals

Grow Your Business with the Leading National TPA

United Retirement's experienced and responsive team works with brokers, advisors and financial intermediaries to deliver retirement solutions for plan sponsors. We are true partners offering the best services to their clients. Join them—request a quote, illustration or proposal.

Our partners include retirement specialists, financial consultants, registered investment advisors and financial intermediaries who value our depth, range of experience, and independence. Whether you are a seasoned advisor or just entering the retirement planning space, United Retirement has the experience to help you deliver quality solutions and services to your clients.

How Can We Help You?

We understand teamwork and partnership, working seamlessly with you to offer the best in retirement plan services:

  • Resources to Answer Your Clients’ Questions

    United Retirement wants its financial intermediary partners to have the resources available to answer their clients’ toughest questions. Turning to our network of industry experts can help you make a statement on even the most challenging plans. We have offices across the country with ASPPA and NIPA credentialed consultants, on-staff ERISA attorneys, and Enrolled Actuaries. Our industry experts are available to help you address your clients’ most difficult questions. 
  • Access to Comprehensive Services

    We make it easy for you to have the plan you want with the features you want. We are not your ordinary TPA. We are the "Super TPA.” From cash balance plans to ESOPs, and from traditional balance forward record keeping to the convenient daily valuation insurance platform to open architecture plans, we offer you a wide range of competitive services for your particular needs. We provide proven systems and processes for implementing, managing and protecting plans to ensure accuracy and compliance. 
  • Plan Design and Consulting to Meet Your Clients' Goals

    Our extensive expertise allows us to provide creative solutions to maximize value for your clients through plan design. We can work with you to meet your clients’ specific goals and objectives. Through personal attention and technical knowledge of the IRS and DOL regulations, we can work together to find the best solutions for your new and existing clients. To help us determine the best solution for your client, we offer expert resources, including:

  • Plan Administration, Compliance, and Legal Expertise

    In an environment of continuous change and increasing regulation, the scrutiny on your clients is greater than ever. We help you deliver high quality retirement plans driven by the needs of your clients and their businesses regardless of size, industry or location. From straight forward 401(k) start-up plans to large, complex cash balance or cross-tested plans, we have the knowledge, experience and systems to expertly handle any type of retirement plan. We provide proven systems and processes for implementing, managing and protecting plans to ensure accuracy and compliance. 

  • Actuarial Expertise

    To remain in compliance with the ever changing regulatory landscape, plan sponsors need accurate calculations (particularly with defined benefit plans) and timely interpretations (non-qualified plans) based on actuarial analysis. Our industry experts keep up  up to date with the IRS and DOL regulations and our actuarial expertise covers all aspects of risk management and the regulatory/compliance issues affecting your clients.