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Plan Administration

Comprehensive Plan Administration and Compliance Solutions

Continuous monitoring, maintenance, and regulatory compliance are critical to the success of your retirement plan and each should be an essential component of your plan’s administration. The IRS and DOL each have a set of regulations with which your plan must comply, and failing to do so can have significant consequences, including a loss of tax-qualified status, costly fines and penalties, or even personal liability. For this reason, it is especially important for plan sponsors to partner with a TPA that is able to monitor the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Review URPC's TPA Services , or contact your local sales consultant to request a proposal.


At United Retirement, we go beyond just monitoring new regulations; we add value by seeking proactive solutions that will enable our clients to comply with changing requirements in the most cost- and tax-efficient manner possible. We research processes and build templates so that by the time a proposed rule becomes reality, we are ready to help you meet your plan’s regulatory requirements with as minimal impact as possible. We consider the interaction between the IRS and DOL’s regulations and seek creative solutions to maximize tax-deferred contribution opportunities for plan sponsors and their employees. Through personal attention and technical knowledge of the IRS and DOL regulations, we can work together to find the best compliance and administration solutions for you and your plan.

We are confident and consistent in everything we do because we have the people, processes, technology, and operations protocol to ensure success for our clients’ retirement plans. Contact us to learn more.

Retirement Plan Design and Administration Services

  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Maximize plan contribution opportunities and minimize taxes
  • Correct plans that are non-compliant
  • Upgrade plans that are not well customized or lack optimal plan design
  • Provide ongoing education in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • Embrace technology, but place a premium on personal relationships
  • Protect your privacy and data security